No light without shadow – except for MEDglas Light! Our light concept shines very brightly due to our specially developed LED concept, after all ambient light has a high impact on the concentration and satisfaction of staff and patients – many studies have proven that. We use a bright light with a high percentage of indirect light. This kind of light reduces stress and stimulates concentration. We offer the optimum light colour and ambience for every mood. Irrespective of it should be a stimulating yellow, a calming blue, a pleasant green or a neutral white. We dip rooms into every imaginable colour.

  • General
  • optimum light color for every mood due to RGB-LED lighting
  • LED technology secures highest quality and persistence with 30.000 hours guaranteed working time
  • Option "Daylight" with nearly sun-identical light spectrum
  • Of course for optimum light composition we also offer ceiling lights and surrounding lights for laminar airflow ceilings
  • Backlit motives possible