• Jean-Paul Isroe
  • Thomas Lütke-Kappenberg

Managing Directors - Jean-Paul Isroe



Project Management, Product Development and Production

As the director of project management and system integration I was able to make valuable experience in my time at Olympus Germany (1995 to 2011).

At MEDIK, my focus is on product development, project management and production. I co-ordinate our projects and therefore I am the first contact for concepts and their implementation as well as technical questions from our customers.



Managing Directors - Thomas Lütke-Kappenberg


Focus: Acquisition and Control of Sales

I have been working in biomedical engineering for over 30 years, of which I worked 11 years as the marketing director in Europe for Karl Storz.

In 2011 I founded MEDIK Hospital GmbH together with Jean-Paul Isroe.

As the CEO my focus is on acquisiton and control of sales and marketing. Therefore I am not only the first contact for our international customers and all interested customers-to-be, but also control the sales. My motto is: „Where there's a will, there's a way!“




Our sales representatives are the first point of contact for our customers and assist you with pleasure from the initial idea of ​​a project through to implementation.



Vice President Sales Europe/                                                        Sales Germany/Austria:
CEO MEDIK Hospital Design Swiss AG:                                         Hendrik Lüthje
Jean-Christophe Bizon


Internal Sales:                                                                               Sales Management Assistant:
Michael Fuchs                                                                                Camilo Pava


Our project managers are on site and the direct contact for our customers. They are able to identify occuring problems very early and solving them quickly. Highest priority: punctual commissioning of functional rooms on the fixed date.

Region-Worldwide: Jan Garbers

Region-Switzerland/Europe: Daniel Haas


Region-Middle East:                                                    Region-Middle East:
Amr Abou Rayan                                                          Hesham El-Hessawy

Region-Asia/Australia: Adam Ng

Technical Drawings

Our technical drawer and project assistants will support the project team by creating templates, elevation drawings and 3D-mockups. Due there long experience in construction drawings they will be a huge help.

Technical Drawings:

Simone Ziemons


Assistant: Meike Wietzer

Business Development

Our Business Development Manager takes over tasks ranging from product management/product development over process- and quality management to concept development.

Business Development Manager/Authorized Signatory: Daniel Wessel


Product Management

Our Product Manager is the stratetic and operational coordinaor for successful new product launches and ongoing development of existing products.

Product Manager: Florian Wolske


Order Processing

Our order processing team covers all activities from quotation to invoicing. They ensure a smooth process in the acquisaition and project handling.

Operations: Julie Schöfisch


There is no efficient workflow without professional support: Our assistants are responsible for a smooth communication- and work processes. They are the base of our project work and support the team wherever it is possible.


Management Assistant:                                                    IT-Administrator:
Christine von Flottwell                                                       Jan Below



Our Export team organises the export of our products and caters for a smooth process of packing, customs and transport.


 Head of Export:                                                       Advisor:
Mahdis Soltani                                                          Claude Amegnran


Our accounting department is the contact person for all business accounting transactions.

Kerstin Bornholdt