Why do we use the material glass?

Glass is the perfect material for functional rooms in medical construction. It’s very robust, enduring and functional and offers an unbeatable combination of hygiene, security and design. Glass doesn’t age and even 9.000 years after its first use by humans it’s a highly state-of-the-art material.

At the processing of glass there are almost no limits – especially not in the field of design. For example, we are able to use the whole line-up of RAL-colors, - designs and –pictures. With Glas Trösch we have a very skilled and experienced partner by our side.



Glass is not just glass

Whilst most of the suppliers in hospital building offer 6 mm laminated safety glass, we offer 10 mm single pane safety glass for our wall installations. The advantage: This material is toughened at 700 degrees Celsius in the oven. Test series have proven that our glass is superior to the standard 6 mm laminated safety glass, due to the fact that it has a higher mechanical and thermal resistance. This could be noticed in particular, if there are many cut-outs and holes inside the wall elements.


Here is the comparison of toughness:

In a comparison between the 10mm (Product A) toughened and tempered safety glass used by MEDIK Hospital Design and a regular 2x3 mm laminated safety glass (Product B) the advantages of MEDglas are shown clearly.

Line Load Testing

A line load of 0,5kN/m has been simulated 900mm above the bottom edge.

Concentrated Load Testing

A concentrated load of 1,0kN/cm² has been simulated on an area of 100 x 100mm 900mm above the bottom edge.

Five reasons for the material glass

1. Glass does not age

Glass is not just timeless, it doesn’t age as well. While other materials have to deal with problems like material fatigue or signs of wear, glass is shining with unique aesthetics even in old age.

2. Glass is hygienic and easy to clean

No creases, no pattern, no cracks in which dirt could be gathering. With its glassy surface this material is very easy to clean. It is resistant against all standard disinfectants.

3. Glass is environmentally friendly

100 percent of the glass can be recycled and therefore contributes to the protection of the environment. This closed recycling circle is called „cradle to cradle“. The best: glass can be melted and re-used numerous times.

4. Glass is scratch- and shockproof

Glass is a versatile material that is scratch- and shockproof after the appropriate production steps.

5. Glass is translucent

Glass can be made translucent. In other words: natural daylight can come through the glass, but anyhow the glass is not transparent.

These requirements are fulfilled by our glasss

Electro-Magnetic Shielding

Noise Protection

X-Ray Protection

Laser Protection

Hygienic Protection

Fire Protection

Tightness Protection

Environmental Protection